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Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed: Diversity does not breed terrorists – politics does
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Sunday, 06 February 2011 19:36

David Cameron's recognition that we should acknowledge the dangers of extremist ideology, and the need to tackle it head-on, is welcome.

Cameron's multicultural speech sparks fury
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Sunday, 06 February 2011 16:09

David Cameron was accused of stoking extremism today, after he delivered a speech on the failure of multiculturalism during an EDL march.

Where’s the divide?
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Wednesday, 02 February 2011 14:28
The British debate about political Islam is catastrophically muddled.
Hatred of Muslims is one of the last bastions of British bigotry
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Friday, 21 January 2011 09:14

It is not in the least surprising that Sayeeda Warsi’s speech last night against Islamophobia has created anger.

A closer look at reports about the growth of Islam in the UK
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Saturday, 08 January 2011 23:32

The conservative media have worked themselves into a lather over a rise in Muslims, but don't take the figures at face value.


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