Seminar - Working With Muslim Youth
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Sunday, 05 February 2012 21:45

Muslim Youth Skills and Crescent Consultancy invite you to Participate in our seminar: 'Working With Muslim Youth'

Please join us for our seminar on 'Working with Muslim Youth' where you will learn about some of the issues and challenges facing Muslim youth today, a successful case-study and explore methods we can use to enable greater community participation of Muslim youth.




1.     A seminar on best practice when working with Muslim Youth

2.     Identifying engagement tools

3.     Case-Study


Why ?

1.     Proactive identification of future leaders

2.     To increase our sense of community collaboration

3.     Contextualising capacity and sustainability models for the current climate


Who ?

  • Tafazal Mohammed, Director of Muslim Youth Skills --------- Trainer, Coach, and over 16 years as Professional Youth & Community Development Consultant on working with Muslim Youth
  • Raheed Salam, Director of Crescent Consultancy --------- Business Consultant and Strategist, Trainer and Facilitator on working with Muslim Youth


When ?

  • Central London, 25 or 26 February 2012, 11am-3pm, choose your preferred date


What to do next?


1.     Respond to the flyer BELOW

2.     Print off and advertise in your community and/or organisation

3.     Tell your friends, families and anyone else wanting to learn about Working With Muslim Youth


Sponsored and funded solely by Directors of Muslim Youth Skills and Crescent Consultancy


Download flyer: https://files.me.com/tafazal/rbnycr




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