Consultancy Services

Sometimes your organisation may be looking for external, independent professional advice. We offer a high quality consultancy service to both the private and public sector organisations in the UK. We can work with you to improve your operations across a comprehensive range of strategic and operational management issues. We are also able to provide expert advice and assistance on issues around engagement of young Muslims and the wider Muslim community. If for any reason we feel unable to help you with your particular query, our access to an extensive network of other professionals means that we can direct you to other sources of information or advice.

Case Study 1

A community organisation approached us with the following questions:

  • How can we enable young Muslims a 'Safe Space' to be able to discuss issues that they are affected by?
  • How can they redress negative stereo types?
  • How can they explore and address contemporary issues affecting them?
Case Study 2

A Local Authority wanted to consult Young Muslims around various issues affecting them