Thursday, 02 July 2015
Courses by Muslim Youth Skills
Engaging Young People - Using The Four Areas Model ©

A full day course which provides a practical and systematic method to developing inclusive practice for youth and community groups.        


Who is it for?
  • Youth & Community Workers
  • Connexions Workers
  • Care Workers
  • Social Work Staff
  • Youth Offending Teams
  • Anyone who wants to engage and empower those ‘hard to reach’, isolated and marginalised
Introduction to Muslim Youth Work

This is a 2 day intensive course, specifcally designed for Muslim workers, which draws from the authentic sources of Islam. It is ideal if you want to gain a better understanding of how to explore youth work, faith and culture in a Muslim context. No previous experience of youth work is needed.



 Who is it for?
  • Community Workers
  • Imams
  • Parents
  • Care Workers
  • Youth Workers
  • Mentors
  • Anyone with a genuine concern to help Muslim youth, but don't know where to start 
Tackling Crime

As more young people are turning to gun and particularly knife crime, there is a great need to reverse the cycle of senseless violence that we see on our streets. We are able to offer you workshops facilitated by ex-gang members and professional rap artists who will share their experiences, the myths and the realities of this type of lifestyle.


Can be delivered to various audiences 
  • Schools
  • Youth Clubs
  • Community Groups


Towards Understanding Culture

A workshop looking at key terms and concepts around culture and diversity.                           



Who is it for?
  • Youth & Community Workers
  • Social Workers
  • Care Workers
  • Teaching Staff 
Islam and Muslims

Do you work with the Muslim community and want to know more about their faith? Don’t know what to believe in the media? Would you like to dispel myths and learn about this world religion? 


Who is it for?
  • Those who want to increase their knowledge and understanding of Islam
  • Non-Muslim Public and Private Sector professionals such as: managers, teachers, police, social workers, probation service staff etc. working with Muslim communities
  • Those who are responsible for developing community cohesion strategies and action plans
  • Religious groups of other faiths
Speakers Corner

‘Speakers Corner’ is a method empowering young people through a dialogical process. 'Speakers Corner' is about creating a truly 'Safe Space' for young people and community groups. It will often be used as part of planned programme of work, potentially covering many topics, or it will be used as and when issues of concern are raised. This course is for facilitators and looks at the dynamics involved when getting people to partake in dialogue, especially around potentially difficult topics.


  • What is Speakers Corner
  • 'Speakers Corner' as a tool for empowerment
  • Programme Planning
  • You as a Facilitator
Working Together

A programme that can run within the school, youth or community setting. Activities enable groups to ‘work together’, exploring commonalities as well as differences to engender respect and mutual understanding. Through a comprehensive 10 hour programme, participants are able to build bridges through an increased awareness of issues that lead to division, proposing future action for cohesion.

Can be delivered to various audiences
  • Schools
  • Youth Groups
  • Community Groups
  • Community Cohesion Projects